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A photo and note that we received from one of the purchasers of a puppy from Mitsy's last litter. Names have been removed for privacy reasons.

Wilson (Standard Male Poodle now 8 months of age) really is a cute guy.. inside and out! He cracks us up and is full of energy these days. I don't think he quite knows what to do with all the extra noise around our house. He's funny if the baby (3 weeks in picture at left) starts crying a lot.. Wilson is standing at the back door to get some peace and quiet. He LOVES his daily wrestle match with our 2 year old. They are hilarious together and it amazes me how patient Wilson is with our 2 year old and vice versa. With out fail, every night they are on the couch playing pillows and our 2 year old is "accidentally" falling into Wilson.

I keep warning our 2 year old to be gentle, but I think Wilson likes it! LOL


It's pretty darn deep!


Why is there a chicken's shadow behind me?

Christmas Card 2009
Excellent Family Pets

Mitsy in full regalia


Mitsy defies gravity

Mitsy on beach


On the Road, Again!



MACH4 Kasha showing the very young Mitsy just how it is done!


Mitsy (puppy) and MACH4 Kasha take some down time
from the agility training


Mitsy's Mom and Dad,
Libby and Watson,
with some of the rest of the litter

Mitsy getting out of the pool after a refreshing swim
She did actually leave some water in the pool


Rock Climbing Poodle - MACH4 Kasha


Rock Climbing Poodle - Mitsy

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