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Standard poodles are outgoing and people oriented dogs.  They prefer to be around people, and involved in the household activities.  They love to get in the car for a ride, and travel quite easily. They are energetic and athletic dogs.  They are not a dog that will thrive in a kennel environment, or staked outside in the yard. If kept by a working family, they will need exercise daily, and toys to keep them busy during the day.  A well exercised standard poodle will be a well behaved dog in your home.

Standard poodles are considered to be one of the most intelligent breeds of dogs.  They are exceptionally easy to train.  In fact, if you ask a standard poodle to do the same trick several times in a row, they will often not do it the 3rd or 4th time, thinking that they must be doing it wrong if you keep asking, and offer a different behavior.  They are very easily housebroken, and will be housebroken in a few days by a diligent new owner, instead of weeks or months. Poodles thrive on having some kind of job.  For example, being asked to bring in the paper in the morning, clearing the yard of vermin (squirrels), patrolling the neighborhood on leash, as well as puppy classes and outings with the family, will keep your intelligent standard poodle challenged and content. 

One of my girls knew which night was agility class night.  She was excited and happy after dinner and kept looking at me and the door until we left! My poodles are also very aware of household routines. When we are getting ready for school and work, they stay away from the door. Let us start packing for a dog show or camping trip, and they are in the way.  They stand at the door, and run out, jumping into the car at first chance, so they donít get left behind.  If you mention the word 'walk', they will circle around, pace and whine until you take them out!

Standard poodles are very perceptive of people's moods.  They make excellent therapy dogs.  One of our 14 week old, energetic puppies would lie quietly on the bed of a very sick family member, for long periods of time while she was petting her.  This same poodle will let little children pet her while she sits quietly, but let a group of adolescent boys or young men show up, and she will bark, run around and rough house with them!  Another of our girls loves everyone she meets and greets them with exuberance, trying to kiss them and wagging her whole body. 

Poodles do not shed, as they grow hair. They are hypoallergenic and tolerated very well by most people with allergies.

If there is a downside to owning a standard Poodle, it would have to be the grooming.  Poodles require regular grooming.  They grow hair that curls.  If the coat is not groomed, it will mat.  Some people enjoy grooming their dogs, and donít mind keeping a poodle in a long coat.  Other owners who hike or hunt often with their poodles, or let them swim, may be happier if they keep the coat short.  A poodle coat that is trimmed short will require minimum brushing time, where a poodle in a full show coat can require significant grooming time. 

On a positive note, you can change the appearance of your pet with the trim you choose. 

You will note on our site that MACH4 Kasha is in a variety of clips, each one giving her a different look. 


You can have the full continental poodle clip with pom poms, like Mitsy, above left, or a short close trim like a retriever, as modeled by MACH4 Kasha above right, or you can go for the doodle look, leaving the hair a little long.


MACH4 Kasha in a German Sport Clip.

Standard poodles make excellent family pets.  They will greet you with love and cheerfulness when you return home.  They do not bark excessively, but if there is something to bark about, they will warn you.  They are easily trained, and agreeable. They are not a destructive breed, and are easy to live with.  Once you have owned a standard poodle, you will not want another breed!

The picture on the right is a perfect example of two poodles expressing their sheer joy of going down to the river's edge and getting to run and play with each other and their family.

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