Waypoint Standard Poodles
Conformation and Performance Excellence!
Extraordinary Family Pets!

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More Videos of Gusto

Gusto loose leash walking
Gusto on teeter
Gusto on A-Frame
Gusto and the water hose
Gusto meets the hose

We make this place look good!

Mitsy's imitation of the Flying Nun!

The Silver Knight of Poodelia


Fun, Fun, Fun, at the River

Nothing like a good swim to cool one off!


There just has to be a squirrel
under this somewhere!

My future is so bright, I gotta wear shades!
And a little bling never hurts, Eh?

MACH4 Kasha says,
"Pointer? I can do that, no problem!"





King, oops, Queen of the hill!

I got an idea, Let's go sailing!


Ahhhhhhhhhhh, come on in, the waters fine


Mitsy and MACH4 Kasha on Squirrel Patrol

Mitsy as Cruella de Poodle at Poodstock 2010
Extraordinary Family Pets


MACH4 Kasha telling Mitsy to stay off the pool cover


The white stuff tastes just fine

Blue Poodle- on the left - Mitsy  
Black Poodle - somewhere under all that snow -
MACH4 Kasha


In the forest looking for deer

Hey, I want to go too!


One of our cousins came over for a swim,
Summer the goldendoodle

Is there something scary in there, Mitsy?


Snow? Is that what you call this stuff on my nose?


Yep, we look pretty good!
Black - MACH4 Kasha, Blue - Mitsy

Showing Off My "Bo Derek" Look,


The Halloween Skunk-a-Poodle


Harrisburg UKC 2012 Sydney, MACH2 Kairos, Mitsy reunion

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